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Autor Thema: Konzert Hafenklang Videotraum + Terror Bird + Silent Star  (Gelesen 698 mal)


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Silent Star (London, UK)
The coldwave/synthpop duo from London is well known for their music videos featuring brutalist architecture and the moody, dark side of London. 2022 they released their first 12‘‘ EP „The Cross Of Stamford Hill“ with Young & Cold Records. This spring, they released their new single „The Estuary Shore“. The band have headlined at the legendary London goth night Slimelight and have supported Xeno & Oaklander, the KVB and M!R!M.

Terror Bird (Vancouver, Canada)
Springing from the punk and DIY music scenes in Vancouver, Canadian darkwave/bedroom pop pioneer Terror Bird just released her new single „Brilliant Things“ on the ICON EP in June 2023 featuring A Place to Bury Strangers, Actors and Patriarchy. Terror Bird puts melody and songwriting first combining a variety of instruments and genres, often harking back to synth pop, gothic, 80s/90s indie and even 70s glam influences.

Videotraum (Hamburg/Mexico-City)
Hamburg based darkwave duo Videotraum sounds like melancholy, energy and pain between deep forests and industrial romance. Between Dark Wave and Post-Punk, sadness and gloomy romantic dancefloor sounds, they take us on a trip into deep emotions, dreams and thoughts on things that matter in their lifes. This year they released a Split-EP with Crave Tapes and their first LP „Ebbe // Flut“ with Young & Cold Records which has been reviewed by Furio Magazine among others.